Teal Bikini

September 9th, 2009

I’ve always fantasized about taking a tropical vacation on a remote desert island where I could get naked and frisky wherever I wanted because there would be no one around to protest. I felt like I lived out that fantasy today for this shoot. I was able to have a mansion all to myself today. It was really secluded and lush so I could take my clothes off and no one would bother me. So I found this little swing-set and decided to play. It was so peaceful out there and I had my thought to myself. As I was posing I started thinking about how I would love to be free to get naked with someone right there and fuck. I was so turned on that this turned out to be an awesome shoot for me. I know you couldn’t be there with me, but I would love if you check out the photos and pretend that you were! Click here to see more!

Getting Wet

August 12th, 2009

Wet chicks are hot and today I got wet for you in more ways than one. I felt like fooling around in my friend’s sauna today and getting naked for you. I think there is something wild looking about having wet hair and looking really sultry. It makes me feel really sexy. I know you can’t hear it through the Internet because you’re just looking at photos, but I had these club beats pumping really loud in the background while these pictures were being taken. I was just letting loose and being wild, dancing and getting naked. Part wet t-shirt contest, part shower party, I think I look really hot in these pictures so why don’t you check them out. Remember, all of my content is exclusive so you won’t see me naked anywhere else! I’ll let you in on a little secret, I was so horny after this shoot that I got myself off in that sauna with the music still blasting! Click here to see more!

Sexy Hostess

July 29th, 2009

Wass-up playas? Hey guys, its Selena here. The internet’s resident badass Latina bitch. And today I was VERY naughty for you. One of my friends hostesses at a local Tiki bar and she was super short handed. She called me up and asked if I would fill in for one of the chicks that called in. I said sure. I know how to work it for tips! So I put on a skimpy little tank top and tight peek-a-boo briefs and went to work. Let me just say, it was a freakin blast! Don’t worry, I’m not changing careers but I had so much fun. You guys can be VERY good tippers when you see a little bootie! I made a small fortune for a few hours of work slinging drinks! When my shift ended I had so much energy that I wanted to burn off. So I called my photographer friend and we had a session right there at the tiki bar! If you want to see what I wore to “work” that day log on and check it out. What would you have left me for a tip? Click here to see more!

Blue Sheer

July 13th, 2009

I feel sexy today. I don’t know if you know this about women, but there are days that we just wake up and want to look good and turn guys heads. It’s empowering to know that your body can grab a guy’s attention and set off a chain reaction without having to do anything other than walk by. Today I was having one of those days. I wanted guys to check out my tits and my ass. I’m really proud of my ass you know. It’s been called one of the best on the net! So I put on a super tight pair of jeans and a skimpy tank top and went down to the studio. When I got there, I decided to change into my sheer blue nightie for you. I love the way the blue looks against my skin when I’m tan and this material feels electrifying against my nipples as I move. It’s like a little extra motivation because I love having my nipples lightly kissed and caressed. What else can I say? I was super horny during this shoot and every one of the images you see here was selected just for you. I hope you get as horny looking at them as I was taking them! I don’t want to get too dirty here, but I went home and re-read some of the naughty fan mail some of you have sent me. Let’s just say I was wet and got wild with myself before the night was over! Click here to see more!