The Ass Shot!


This top used to be purple but for the summer I wanted something lighter and more breezy so I river washed it and now it’s this amazing lavender and white color, and the fabric got so soft and smooth it feels great against my skin. It worked well with my white mini skirt too but I couldn’t find panties that fit the look really. If you take a peak at the pics and see the panties I had on under my white mini you’ll see the best I could get was this see through kind that lets you see way to much lol. Well I guess me not being able to find the perfect panties works out in your favor instead because in the end it means you got to see even more than I was going to show you! You can even see I have camel-toe in these pics, I know some of you think that’s totally pretty so I guess it all worked out for the best anyways. Click here to see more. 

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